About Baklove family...

Baklove is a true family business where the pastry chefs use recipes that have been passed down through the family for centuries. Baklove was founded in 2020. It was formed under the experience, rigor and understanding of innovation. Without compromising the traditional structure of Gaziantep Baklava, they have carried this taste of the past with the excitement, enthusiasm and understanding of quality and service from day one to the present day.

How do we make the perfect Baklava?

Baklove produces the perfect products in collaboration with Altin Petek under the guidance of his masters and team, from ingredients to end result.

We train our baklava masters from an early age and offer an apprentice-to-master training process, just like a real school education. A (baklava) inspector has been appointed within the company to ensure that all products manufactured by him always meet the same quality requirements for our consumers. Baklove ensures that ingredients are each collected in their own season, carefully selected and kept fresh. The products of the skilled masters are baked in special ovens and flavored with natural sugar syrup. Products that are assured to meet Baklove’s taste and quality standards. No additives that could adversely affect human health are used and great care is taken to ensure the hygiene of our staff and production areas. Baklove produces in collaboration with Altin Petek, within its own two-storey building with a surface area of ​​1500 m2. In the service and packaging of the finished products, special packaging materials and boxes are used to keep the product longer and prevent it from being damaged by bad weather conditions.

Our mission

Our mission

Wide selection of products

Every day we provide a wide selection of products for all our customers.

Customer-friendly help

We do our utmost to help all our customers as best as possible. Service with a smile!

Lots of love in our baklava

Our team prepares our delicious products with great care every day.


Sustainability in our company is expressed in making responsible choices when it comes to ingredients, environment, packaging and efficient production means. Our Baklove boxes, for example, are made of 100% recyclable material and made of at least 50% recycled cardboard. The box is packed airtight and is placed in a 100% recycled paper shipping box for transport to ensure undamaged delivery to your door.

Fantastic quality

We only use the best and always fresh ingredients for our products.


Production with an eye for society, the environment and the environment is of paramount importance to us. Together we are responsible for the future.

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